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Resources for Refugees

We aim to assist all members of our community in accessing resources already available in the State.

computer in a library with many books and shelves in the background.


We offer after school tutoring as well as many other services.

Teacher Helping Pupils Studying At Desks In Classroom


We provide after-school tutoring programs for minorities, refugees, and low income children in our community.

English As a SECOND Language

We provide English Classes to refugees and immigrants coming from non-English speaking Countries, as well as networking.

Adult education class raising hands to ask questions.
Friendly african american woman standing with arms crossed in a modern bright office


We help women and young girls confidently acquire jobs or careers that have been mainly male dominated. As well as how to start and manage small businesses by connecting them to the resources and tools already provided by the state and Federal government.


Men, women, children and refugees, check out our Services!

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Reach out to us if you wish to volunteer or have any questions.